Rocketry forms the basis of space travel & exploration and offers an exciting opportunity to learn more about Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Design and technology as well as other topics!

Rocketry South Africa is dedicated to providing engaging, useful and relevant information. We dissiminate and share technical documents, ideas, articles, and a wide array of resources from all over.

Here' are just a few key areas how Rocketry SA is championing the challenges faced by South African rocketeers:

  • Promote Rocketry within the constraints of formal Laws, Regulations and the SA legal framework

  • Contributing, Sharing, promotion and further development of a "Rocketry BOK" (Body of Knowledge) as well as a STEM Educational Framework

  • Provide Membership services including 3d party Indemnity Insurance for SA Rocketeers

  • Foster and Promote cooperation and cross-certification with International Rocketry organizations

  • Commercial Rocket Motor testing & Certification and legalization of Model Rocket Motors for the use in SA.


We are looking to expand

-Now that Model Rocket Motors are commercially available, we are lookiing to establish country-wide Launch Sites.If you know of any suitable area/land where launches can be accommodated, we would be most gratefull to hear from you!

-If you would like to start a rocketry club in your area, contact us for support and free goodies to help you get started

-If you own a Hobby Shop, why not stock Model Rocket ? Contact us to register as an Authorised Dealer


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