Membership to Amateur / Ecperimental Rocketry typically builds on the experience gained in Model Rocketry

At SAASA, we understand that your only or primary interest may be experimentation in Rocketry, and we make provision for this.


  • You will Join the Largest Rocketry Association is South Africa - Adding Your Voice to keep Rocketry Legal
  • The Only South African Rocketry Organization Recognised by the International Rocketry Comunity
  • The Only Rocketry Organization in South Africa that provides Insurance Coverage to Members
  • Currently the Only Legal way to obtain Commercial Model & High Power Motors in South Africa
  • Access to over 300 Rocket Kits and Rocket Supplies - Members Receive First Priority & Huge Discounts
  • SAASA members receive Recognition for their knowledge and Skills by Participating in Training Programs
  • Enjoy Prestige Status, and Bragging Rights and we are working hard on international co-operation and cross certification

Membership Levels 

• Amateur /Experimental Rocketry Level: AXR


Senior - Amateur / Experimental Member

Annual Membership Fee:                                    R300 /year
Membership Requirements:                                Any person 18 years and older, holding at least a Level 2 certification
                                                                        Accept and sign membership Agreement (PM-E)

                                                                       Special concideration may be given to juniors who apply-
                                                                        (subject to evidence of knowedge, experience and responsibility)

• Access to Level 0,1, 2, 3, 4 as well as the Special Interest Group "Experimental Area" of the SAASA Membership Areas

• Insurance coverage will only be provided under specific conditions


Amateur Rocketeers are expected to have (or work towards gaining), an advanced level of understanding in various aeronautic-subjects, legal knowledge, engineering knowledge and skills prior to attempting the construction and/or manufacturing of rocket components.

Rocket Motors/Engines shall only be manufactured where the member has obtained a relevant permit or written approval from the SAPS Explosives unit (as required by law)

SAASA condones all illegal and/or irresponsible/unsafe activities

Any member found to contravene the laws/regulations of South Africa will be reported to the authorities
(SAASA will only act as whistleblower after such member has been notified and given the opportunity to take responsibility)