At ROCKETRY SA we understand and appreciate the need for Training & Certification

Our Certification Programs are based on International Best Practices as well the Experience and Expertise of Rocketeers, Scientists and Industry Experts.


Benefits of Certification

While Rocketry can be Exhilarating and a lot of Fun, Certification demonstrates that you are prepared to be Accountable and Responsible!


  • Certification helps to Demonstrate to Peers, the Public and the Government that you are committed to the Hobby and take Safety Seriously.
  • The process of Achieving and Maintaining Certification helps ensure that you are Continually Improving and Refining your Skills and Knowledge.
  • Regular Assessment will improve Responsibility, Commitment and Motivation.
  • Certification Improves your Overall Performance, Removes Uncertainty and Broadens your Vission.

Training & Certification Programs available to Rocketry SA members:

Why such a fuss over Rocket Motors?

1. It's a Legal Issue

  • In South Africa, Rocket Motors are classified as "Explosives", and thus the possesion, transport and/or use thereof is subject to a number of laws and regulations.
  • Just like you would get into big trouble if the cops found you to be in possession of unlicensed ammunition or illegal fireworks, so too could you get into trouble if you do not follow correct procedures with Rocket Motors
  • Every type of rocket motor that is commercially sold in South Africa, must be tested, approved and registered with the SAPS Explosives directorate - anything else is illegal!

2. International Standards

  • In line with International Standards, you will be required to be a member (in good standing) of an approved Rocketry Organization in order to purchase Model Rocket Motors.
  • Rocket Motors, whose physical constraints and performance exceed traditional model rocket boundaries, cannot be purchased from Authorised Dealers without a valid Certification.


What is the Big deal with Certification, and what happens if I do not hold a valid Certifiction?

Certification shows your commitment towards Rocketry, and goes a long way in ensuring that future generations may also enjoy this privilege.

Hopefully Certification will allign your skills with International best practices, thus ultimately enhancing the professional image of Rocketry.

Legally, Certification ensures that you have been exposed to minimum required levels of Knowledge and demonstrates to the authorities that we are not ignorant of applicable laws and regulations.


Model Rockets

In order to purchase a Model Rocket Motor up to C class, you do not require any certification, although we highly recommend that you complete the First Flight Program prior to your first launch. This program is totaly Free, and will provide you with a good understanding of Model Rocketry

In South Africa, you will be required to complete the First Flight Program as well ass the Safety Codes online course in order to purchase D, E, F, or G class motors

High Power Rockets

  • If you do not hold a valid certification, you will probably have no legal way of obtaining commercial High Power Rocket Motors, and you will probably end up violating a few laws/regulations as you continue on this route..  
  • In order to legally purchase and/or launch High Power Rockets, you will be required to obtain and maintain a valid Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3 Certification.

    Amateur Rockets
  • Typically in South Africa, Amateur rockets make use of experimental motors due to a lack of available commercial motors
  • There is no Certification for Amateur Rocketry, although most Amateur rocketeers have progressed from Model rockets, to High Power Rockets into the domain of experimental rocketry. It is highly recommended that you hold at least a HPR Level 2 Certification before starting to play around with potentially dangerous rockets..

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