Starting and running a Model Rocketry Club is a Fun and rewarding experience, and by joining forces with Rocketry SA you will receive assistance and support throughout your journey.

At Rocketry SA, we acknowledge the diverse backgrounds and interests of our members, and undestand that you may want to run your club differently - and subject to mutual agreement, that's perfectly Ok!

In short, you can enjoy Autonomy, while still benefiting from your Partnership (Membership) with South Africa's Rocketry Organization of choice.

It's a Social thing..
Model Rocketry is a spectacular affair.. and even if you prefer to do everything on your own, at some stage you are going to involve a buddy, or several friends in your launch or recovery activities..

A Club allows you to build models, compare their looks and performance, and to talk Rockets!

In short, we believe that you will have more fun when it’s a group activity, and being part of something bigger, like Rocketry SA, gives you a sense of camaraderie, and gives you access to the ideas and enthusiasm of others.

Forming a Rocketry SA Club (or Section) is the best way to find and get together with like-minded model rocketry people and will allow you to obtain expensive or specialized equipment that individuals may not even consider.

Apart  from the support you will receive from Rocketry SA, you will also be assisted in dealing with the following issues:

  • Liability
    Things can go wrong, and when this happens someone will be liable for damages/injuries
  • Safety
    Apart from complying with the law,  Our No 1 Piority is SAFETY - Always !
  • Resources
    Rocketry requires various resources, and Rocketry SA will assist you on various levels.


How do you charter your group as an official Rocketry SA Club/Section?

1.  Prerequisites:

  • You must have at least two (2) Rocketry SA members in good standing to charter a Rocketry SA Section/Club
  • At least one Member must be a Senior (adult) member


2.  Complete the Club Charter Application Form

  • Download and complete the Rocketry SA Club Charter Application Form
  • The form lets us know to whom to send your Club’s mail and information.
  • The contact names you supply will be published so that other clubs and people in your area can contact you
  • It is advisable that your contact people can be reached and are responsive.

3.  Resources


4.  Additional Information

For assistance with any matter pertaining to running a Club/Section beyond what is covered here, contact the Rocketry SA Membership Committee:

  • You can also refer to our FAQ for more inofrmation: