Mission, Objectives & Key Personel

Rocketry SA is the Governing body for Rocketry in South Africa, with the mandate to act as the Umbrella Organization for the following Rocketry Associations, clubs and Special Interest goups:

  • SAMRA    - SA Model Rocketry Association           (modelrocketry.co.za)
  • SAHPR    - SA High Power Rocketry                       (sahpr.org.za)
  • GHPR      - Gauteng High Power Rocketry              (sahpr.org.za)
  • LHPR       - Limpopo High Power Rocketry              (bushrockets.co.za)
  • MRC-SA  - Model Rocketry Club of South Africa     (modelrockets.co.za)
  • AMRC      - Amateur Rocketry Club of SA                (amrcza.co.za)


The originating purpose of the Organization is:

  • Promote the Science of Aerospace Modeling and Rocketry (Educational, Recreational, Sporting)
  • Unite those within the community with a common interest in Rocketry


Key Objectives:

  • Promote rocketry within South Africa
  • Provide Guidelines to ensure safety for the general public, participants, landowners and spectators
  • To promote and foster interest in rocketry, and its associating sciences
  • To promote Model, High Power, and Amateur Rocketry as a safe and enjoyable hobby/sport in South Africa
  • To educate, train and certify users on the use of Rocketry products and equipment
  • To Formulate, Structure, and provide Services in Support of a Self-Regulated Model for all forms of Rocketry in accordance to Best Practices and International Standards
  • To certify motors and propellant for use in Model, High Power Rocketry and to provide guidelines for development and use of Experimental Rockets
  • To act as primary liaison between SAASA members and the Explosives Unit of the Police Service of South Africa
  • To act as primary liaison between SAASA members and RAASA as delegated Agent of the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SA CAA)
  • To act as primary liaison between SAASA members and International Rocketry organizations such as Tripoli and NAR
  • To act as primary liaison between SAASA members and other industry forums, bodies such as SAMAA (SA Model Aircraft Association)


Key Personnel

Chairman:                                            Stéfan Stoltz

Secretary:                                            secretary@rocketry.org.za 

Chief  RSO:                                          Johann Grobler


Due to the Evolving Nature of SA Rocketry and Organizational changes, SAASA has been referenced by the following names:

  • “SA Amateur Space Association”
  • "SA Amateur Rocketry Organization"
  • "SA Rocketry Association"
  • "SA Rocketry Organization"
  • "South Africa Amateur Rocketry Association"
  • "South Africa Model Rocketry Association"
  • "Model Rocketry South Africa"
  • "Rocketry SA"
  • "Rocketry South Africa"

The Offical Constitution Document is available to Members and the General Public on request (refer: PAIA manual)