Getting started in Rocketry shouldn't be confusing..




Join Rocketry SA

Joining Gives You Many Advantages & will Help you avoid Common Mistsakes

  • You will be joining the largest Rocketry Association in Africa and will enjoy many benefits !
  • There are numerous laws and regulations that you need to comply with - ignorance will get you into trouble!
  • You can build your own rockets, but will most likely make unneccesary and even costly mistakes.

Get Educated

  • Knowledge is Power, and this holds true when it comes to Rocketry.
  • You dont't have to be a Rocket Scientist to enjoy Rocketry, but Rocketry is still based on Rocket Science!
  • The more you know, the better you will be equiped!
  • We will help you to obtain a basic level of knowledge, to ensure that you don't cause damage to property and don't get hurt (or hurt someone else)..while enjoying the hobby!
  • Your Membership will give you access to valuable resources
  • Membership will give you Exclusive Access to the Rocketry SA Online E-Learning System

Buy, Build, Launch!

As soon as you are comfortable with the idea of Safely Launching a Rocket (steps 1 & 2), why not Go Ahead and Build your First Rocket !. Build, Check Stability, Launch!    The FUN awaits You.. 

We look forward to Welcoming You!





Why all the Fuss with Model Rocket Motors?

In South Africa, Rocket Motors are classified as Dangerous Goods (Explosives 1.4)

This holds significant implications for the Storage, Transport and Sale of Rocket Motors

At Rocketry SA, we have lots of Fun, but we take Laws, Regulations and Safety very Seriously
(If we don't,  the future of SA Rocketry would be compromised!)

At SAASA, we respect the Authorities and abide by the Laws and Regulations

In line with the Responsibility and Mandate to Promote Rocketry as being SAFE, RELIABLE and FUN,
we have a responsibility towards Members and the South African public.

In South Africa we are guided and have to operate within the boundaries of the laws, rules and regulations.