How to get started with South Africa

Hi there!  We suggest that You start by reading these short articles..

  1. If you have no idea what Model Rocketry is all about then Read this Introduction
  2. This Article provides basic Information and should answer some common questions.
  3. Review this short Article on Rocketry in South Africa


Purchase the Limited Edition "Model Rocketry for South Africa" Package

This package includes Everything you need to get started in Model Rocketry




Here's a Roadmap ..

Join "Rocketry SA"  (SAASA)

Get to know Rocketry by working through the Rocketry 101 tutorials

Build or Purchase your First Rocketry Kit

Premium Members SAVE 10% - 50% on Rocket kits and Motors

Purchase Level 1 Rocket Motors (Legal, Approved & Certified)

Improve your knowledge through the SAASA Educational Portal


Congratulations !
From this Point forward you have many options..


Competitive ? Why not get into Space Modelling or have a look at Competitive Rocketry (FAI)

Ready for larger Rockets ?  The logical upgrade is to High Power Rocketry

Build your HIgh Power Level 1 ro 2 Rocket Kit

You need to Complete the Level 2 Online Certification Training

Schedule and Complete Level 2 Certification Flight

Even Larger Rockets? You will need to upgrade to Level 3 High Power Rocketry

Fancy Experimentation ? Legally build your own  Amateur Rockets



Before Launching anything into the sky..

Once you have joined Rocketry South Africa, you will have Access to Members-Only Content