Rocketry is Fun, Exciting and Educational

Unfortunately due to all sorts of legal and regulatory issues Rocketry in South Africa can be challenging and frustrating,
and this is where Rocketry SA (SAASA) comes in. We will not only help you get Started, but will Give You the Opportunity to Acquire new Knowledge and to Learn (while having fun) many valuable practical and even some life skills!


Existing SAASA Members

Follow the following procedure if you are an existing SAASA Member, and need to setup a Store Account:

Create a New Account on the Rocketry SA Store (this site)

Due to Legal Requirements, and Security reasons, this Account will be separate from your SAASA Account (for now)
Please use the same username for both the SAASA Account and the Store Account as it will make account integration easier.

Using your SAASA Voucher,  Purchase a Premium Membership Account in the Store

Premium SAASA Members will receive a FREE Voucher Code that is ONLY valid to be redeemed against "Membership Purchases" on this site, and will only be valid for the same Membership level as your existing SAASA Membership

Premium Membership will be Automatically Activated

As soon as you have redeemed your Voucher by purchasing the Equivalent  "Membership Product" in the Store (this site),
you will receive the applicable Membership Discounts on all Selected Rocketry Purchases. 


Here's why you want to join ROCKETRY SA (SAASA):


  • You will Join the Largest Rocketry Association is South Africa - Adding Your Voice to keep Rocketry Legal

  • The South African Rocketry Organization Recognized by the International Rocketry Community

  • The Only Rocketry Organization in South Africa that provides Insurance Coverage to Members

  • The Legal way to obtain Commercial Model & High Power Motors in South Africa

  • Access to over 1000 Rocket Kits and Rocket Supplies - Members Receive First Priority & Huge Discounts

  • SAASA members receive Recognition for their knowledge and Skills by Participating in Training Programs

  • Enjoy Prestige Status, and Bragging Rights as a South African Rocketeer


Membership to SAASA is open to any person or institution with a legitimate interest wishing to participate in any of the facets of rocketry