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The Aerotech 29mm RMS hardware is designed as a drop-in-replacement for standard 29mm Model Rocket motors, such as the Estes E and higher class motors, with No modification to your rocket necessary.
An investment in RMS gives you an opportunity to use a variety of reload kits.
Product Highlights
  • For use with RMS 29mm reload kits.
  • 29/60 - Designed for reloads up to a Maximum Impulse of 60 N-sec
  • Primary use in single stage rockets.
  • They deliver power at the lowest per flight cost available in hobby rocketry.
  • RMS motors produce far less non-biodegradable waste than single-use motors.
  • Reflects the same reliability, quality, and professional design.
  • Full Safety, Assembly and Operation instructions provided.
  • Product warranty policies included.
Product Specifications 
  • Motor Diameter: 29mm
  • Motor Length: 89mm
  • Typical Assembled Motor Weight: 60g
What's Included
  • 1 x 29mm Aft Closure
  • 1 x 29mm Case
  • 1 x 29mm Forward Closure
  • 1 x Lubrication tube (Grease)
The Motor hardware is sold separate from reload kits. 
IMPORTANT NOTE: Motors cannot be sold to minors by law.
  • If You are under 18 years of age, please get your parents/Guardian to place and pay for the order.
  • Motors will only be sold to Rocketry SA (SAASA) Members in good Standing. Membership is FREE
  • Motors can Only be sent via our SAPS Approved Couriers, alternatively to be collected in person from an Authorized Dealer

  • As is always the case, you should perform a stability and strength check to see that the power and weight of a motor is appropriate for the rocket the motor is to be used in.